Monday, April 18, 2005

New Movie In The Works

So Mysterion and I have been writing a feature since about mid-March. Well, the first draft is near completion and the second draft will begin in earnest this week. Tomorrow (tuesday) to be exact. This script started as an exercise to see if a feature could be written, in the style of the old, sexploitation films of the 70s, and shot in a weekend (like the same movies were shot). What started as a tribute to these films immediately blew up into something richer, more sinister, and more toxic. It has become a script that we would kill to see at a theater.

It's an incredibly, tight, little story.

So stay tuned. Maybe I'll post an excerpt of it or talk about it more in detail.

It's a white-trash, road movie, revenge story. Too, it's submerged in the authentically, cool and real South (an area that Mysterion and myself both love).

It's old school and it's for real. Filled with characters that we've known from time to time.

It's gonna be greeeeeeeaaaaaaattttt!


Blogger david said...

holy shit, its wednesday.........but let me assure everyone, everything is on schedule......the second draft will begin.....shortly. Im working full time(no days off to be exact)....sorry about that mike. but it will be worth it. it will be grrrreeeeaaaatttt !!!!!!!

7:43 AM  

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